Cattleya Gardens Memorial Park – Cordova Cebu

Location: Bangbang II Road, Dordova, Cebu

Cattleya Gardens Memorial Park is one of our premiere project that gives us a break and believing us on how we brought the project into a pledge to stakeholders.  We started the concept by a Highest and Best Use study (HBU), the result of the study shows that a memorial park will give the highest financial reward. So after Michel Lhuilliers approval, we did the full design of the memorial parks site development and the design of its amenities like the pet memorial, ossuary, orchids garden, the office , the water system and lagoon, the drainage system, the landscaping of the whole park and the maintenance office. It’s also us who did the management of the parks development and construction, we also design and manage the equipment needed during burial.  we also did the design and construction management of the clubhouse for mass and gatherings.

We did the following services as follows:

  • Concept and Design Management
  • Project Management
  • Advisory & Marketing Services
  • Design & Build Services

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